Flash AS3 Count Up Game Timer example

Although there are many countdown examples available on the web, I couldn’t find a decent count up timer for my game Aidan Junior. So I decided to create one myself and post it for you to view and download.

So, lets get started:

var timer:Timer = new Timer(100);
timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, timerTickHandler);
var timerCount:int = 0;

Firstly, we create a simple timer with a tick delay of 100 milliseconds.
We add an event listener to it and declare a variable that we’ll use later to store the elapsed time. continue reading »


A quick look at responsive webdesign

As a web designer you might heard of or perhaps already applied Responsive Webdesign. Responsive webdesign is a adaptive way of creating your website. It is an answer to the multi-device era of today, where you as a web designer have to make a suitable site for different devices with different resolutions. Although I’m a big fan of this new technique, responsive webdesign is not the only, and not always the best solution. In this article I want to briefly explain what the pros and cons are so that you can make the right choice before creating your website.


  • Use media queries and media query listeners
  • Resize images and media (dynamically or CSS)
  • Use a sizing layout-grid

continue reading »


I’m Charlie, nice to meet you

Well then, here it is, my first blog on my new website.
Let me introduce myself, i’m Charlie van der Zwan, a web developer from Holland. Besided building websites I also love to make music, take photo’s, play/create games and spending my time doing fun and creative things.

What can you expect from this website? Well, I’ll be posting all kind of stuff here, most of it will be related to the work I’ve done. I’ve just finished a website the dutch Karmann Ghia Community. You can find it at the work section of this website.